1. Know your Why

It is important to be clear on this as you risk ending up in a similar position in the future if you are not. You want to be able to look back at this decision with pride.

Some of the common reasons are; a toxic work environment, you no longer enjoy the work, health issues, you have hit the ceiling, to further your education, to travel, for family or you may have found a better opportunity.

2. Know what next

Always have a plan of action. It would be unfortunate for you to quit your job and just sit around figuring out what next without income. This can get frustrating.

If you want to apply for a new job, update your resume and get good recommendation letters from your employer. This is one of the reasons why it is important to leave a job on a good note. Do want to travel? Start your own business? Figure that part out.

3. Know your money.

Experts say you should be able to survive 6 months if you lost your job today. Take steps to ensure that you can do this such as setting a budget or adjusting your lifestyle. You can do this by not eating out as much or moving back in with your parents so as to stretch your money to last a bit longer .

4. Know your contract.

Go through your contract and have information about what terminal dues are entitled to you(leave days, severance pay and any other contractual dues that are provided for).

Also, the contract provides for the notice period and the things that would be expected from you upon termination. Such things could be office devices or transition procedures. Make sure that you hand over in the best way possible for a seamless transition. Remember, leave on a good note.

5. You need your work samples.

Often times, prospective employers ask for work samples depending on your line of work. Ensure that you have secured them from your work computer onto your cloud storage or whatever storage works for you.

6. Delete your personal documents from the machine.

I know it seems obvious but it is not! Secure your data.


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