I have dealt with anxiety all my adult life and at some point it was so crippling that I needed medication. Since I did not want to be dependent on medication all my life, I found other ways to deal with it;

Breathing Intentionally

Breathing Sounds obvious? Yes? No! When you get caught up with life, you breath for the sake of it. A reflex. Intentional breathing calms you down. These are slow deep breaths. Place on hand on your chest and the other on your tummy, take a deep breathe in, letting your tummy rise all the way then breathe out through your mouth and let your tummy sink . Repeat this until everything is still and all you can feel is your breathe . There! Better?


At the height of my anxiety, I discovered that walking it off was an effective way to deal with it. Not only does the movement distract you but it also allows you to change your breathing and think more clearly.



There is always a sudden sense of relaxation when I walk into a spa. The scents ,that are often times characterized by essential oils such as  lavender, eucalyptus and frankincense,   instantly calm me . This is aromatherapy.  The aromas from essential oils or even candles travel to the brain and impact the emotional centre of the brain triggering feelings of  calmness.

I apply aromatherapy at home by using essential oils in a diffuser or lighting a candle. You can also use the oils in lotions; baths and face steamers.


Writing a great form of therapy. For me, it takes two forms;

Planning. Writing down my plans for things that I intend to do-how and when and how I intend to achieve them. Having a plan gives me a blue print thus reducing my anxiety.

Journaling. This works as an emotional release. It helps me discern my thoughts and feelings leaving me with a clear mind.



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